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It is the end of the Edo period. Chokkaku was born into a strict, although not wealthy, samurai family. He is a young boy that hates being "twisted" and consistently keeps to the tenets of Bushido. Chokkaku will enter a prestigious school with a long history, but this is an unprecedented event: the entrance of a no-name samurai child into a place of learning with the sons of famous families. Chokkaku goes through those gates with ambition in his breast, but the school, which was established to set up accomplishments in both the literary and military arts, and as a model for people, also became a tool to advance success in life. However, the hearts of the students who encountered Chokkaku's personality with his resolute attitude, gradually changed.

On-air date Jan/05/1991
Airtime 30min
Number of stories 36
Genre Anime(TV)

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