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About Anime Chara DB

The Anime Chara Data Base, a part of the projects aggregating copyright information under the governmental subsidy program “JLOP”, implemented with the supplementary budgets of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for fiscal 2015, aims to facilitate utilization of Japanese contents as well as promote business matching between contents holders and buyers both in and outside Japan. Among those contents contained in the data base are 953 works also supported by JLOP.

The data base, consisting of five genres including movie, TV program, animation, character, music and game, is searchable by title both in Japanese and in English, and provides basic information of respective contents, including contact and copyright information. At present it covers animation works published from 1917 until Dec. 2018 and characters listed in“Chara Biz Yellow Page 2019, being updated continuously.

The operation is conducted by the Association of Japanese Animations with the cooperation of Character Data Bank and KADOKAWA.

About the Search

  • ♦Just by entering animation titles in the search window, users can search animation works/characters they are looking for.
  • ♦The following information is provided as search results.
  • ♦Please understand some of the titles listed are not the English titles but the romanized Japanese titles.


  • ・Title (title of work)
  • ・Image (key visual, scene etc.)
  • ・Synopsis (synopsis, comment etc.)
  • ・Month/Year of Initial Release(broadcast date for TV, theatrical release date for movie, on-sale date for OVA)
  • ・Running time (min.)
  • ・Number of episode
  • ・Genre/Media (for initial release)
  • ・Production (production company, studio, production committee etc.)
  • ・Staff (director, original author etc.)
  • ・Voice cast
  • ・Contact (copyright window, copyright holder etc.)


  • ・Title (character name etc.)
  • ・Licensor (company name etc.)
  • ・URL (official URL for work)
  • ・Contact (copyright window, copyright holder etc.)
  • ・Image (key visual etc.)
♦Users can limit the search in each genre. The search result sorted out in the order of number, symbol, or alphabet appears with the initial release date.

Composition of Data Base


The following Information is provided for respective animation works/series:
Description (basic information of respective works/series)

Animation (TV) (Theatrical) (OVA) (Others) Character categories

  • ♦TV animation
    • ・Series Descriptions are registered on program-by-program basis.
    • ・There may be the case that a series aired with a long interval is registered again as another series.
    • ・For the episode airing past midnight, the following day is registered as the broadcasting date.
  • ♦Theatrical Animation
    • ・Film Descriptions are provided on movie-by-movie basis.
    • ・Descriptions for respective episodes in one omnibus film are provided as Episode Description.
  • ♦OVA(Animation works initially released in the form of videogram)
    • ・One-shot OVA works are registered respectively and serialized OVA works are registered as series in the Series Description.
    • ・The 2nd or later episodes are also registered in Episode Description separately.
    • ・OVA numbered and released within a year under the same title are treated as series.
    • ・There may be the case OVA released theatrically is registered as theatrical animation.Multi-layered Series Description
  • ♦Others
    • ・Animation works distributed on d anime store are mainly listed here.
    • ・Other WEB animation works not falling in the category above are also listed here.


  • ♦Information published on Chara Biz YellowPage 2019

Source of Information

  • 資料名 対象範囲
  • 山口勝訓,渡辺泰『日本アニメーション映画史』有文社.1977. 1917年〜1977年までの劇場アニメーション
  • 『テレビアニメ25年史』徳間書店.1988. 1962年〜1988年のTVアニメーション
  • 『劇場アニメ70年史』徳間書店.1989. 1917年〜1988年の劇場アニメーション
  • 『Animege アニメポケットデータ2000』徳間書店.2000. 1983年〜1989年のOVA
  • 「東京アニメアワード」投票用作品データ Tokyo Anime Award
  • ※アワードは2002年より開催。 The award has been held since 2002
  • ※11月から翌年10月までの情報が掲載。 2000年11月〜2013年10月のTV・劇場アニメーション TV animation and theatrical animation released from Nov. 2000 till Oct. 2013
  • ※主にスタッフ情報の入力に使用。 Used mainly for staff information
  • 『アニメージュ』徳間書店
  • 「アニメGP投票用 アニメ全作品年間パーフェクト・データ」
  • ※2000年代は毎年3月号に掲載。 Works in 2000’s appeared in March issues.
  • ※12月から翌年11月までの情報を掲載。 2000年代のTV・劇場アニメーション
  • 『アニメージュ』徳間書店
  • 「PERFECT DATA ON STAFF」 1988年〜1989年,2013年12月〜2014年9月のTVアニメーション TV animation aired from 1988 till 1989 and from Dec. 2013 till Sep. 2014
  • 『アニメージュ』徳間書店
  • 新作情報コーナー 1988年〜1989年のTVアニメーション,劇場アニメーション,OVA New animation works TV animation, theatrical animation and OVA released from 1988 till 1989
  • 2000年のTVアニメーション・劇場アニメーション TV animation/theatrical animation aired/released in 2000
  • 2000年〜2002年のOVA OVA released from 2000 till 2002
  • 『アニメージュ』徳間書店
  • DVD情報コーナー 2002年〜2014年9月のOVA
  • 『アニメ産業レポート アニメ全作品年間パーフェクト・データ』 日本動画協会データベースワーキンググループ.2015〜2018.
    Anime Industry Report Annual ”Perfect Data” of all Anime The Association of Japanese Animations Database Working Group from 2015 to 2018.
  • 『日本動画協会 会員社からの情報提供』
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